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Somewhen in 2022, is complained a bit about the impact DMARC can have on mailinglists. Specifically, I was struggling a bit with OpenBSD’s mailinglists stripping DKIM while–obviously–breaking SPF. With my p=reject DMARC policy, this meant that sending to OpenBSD mailinglists would ‘reduce’ the number of people who would actually get my mails.

Back then, i solved that by registering, which let me have a domain with a significantly relaxed policy (and the OpenBSD list hosts included in SPF), to make my mails deliver again when traversing through the OpenBSD mailinglists.

However, over the past two years, the number of mails i (or rather my mailserver) kept rejecting from OpenBSD kept constantly growing, also because of–in most cases–DMARC.

The list changing

I hence decided to complain again (well, you gotta do what you’re good at, no?) on misc@. However, complaining actually had an effect this time around, as Todd C. Miller was very quick to take action this time around, and implemented from-rewriting for addresses that have a DMARC policies for the OpenBSD majordomo.

And, what shall i say, it works! I of course (accidentally) tested that right away, because i slipped and sent my reply from the wrong (strict p=reject) address; However, with the change implemented, this now worked flawlessly! :-)

So, thanks Todd!